Rhonda Bystry Linkedin Recommendation

“Gary is a leader in the automotive industry and is an icon in the financial world. He has a hands on approach to coaching and teaching everyone of his clients. We have hired him on several occasions to help us move the needle in our buying center and management team. Understanding the auto industry and its financial world is a great challenge in its own and there is no one better to teach that than Gary Dirstine”  Rhonda Bystry, Corporate Finance Director, Royal Automotive Group

Bobbi Sparrow/President AADA

“There are many training programs available for dealers to choose from. Our dealers have received consistently strong results using (ACTS) and Gary Dirstine.” Bobbi Sparrow, President, Arizona Auto Dealers Association (AADA)

Peoria Ford (Van Tuyl/AIG), Peoria, AZ

I was introduced to Gary Dirstine and his company (ACTS) in May of 2012. He has experienced an extremely successful career within our organization (Van Tuyl/AIG) and came highly recommended from members within our group. I decided to send my entire management staff through the sub-prime training sessions and also attended myself.

Gary has also provided valuable training to our sales staff and we have continued to utilize his company’s services into 2013. As dealers continue to seek a competitive edge in obtaining increased volume and market share I would suggest to any dealer that the (ACTS) programs will provide you immediate and long lasting results providing you an edge.

Pat Hickey, Managing Partner

Peoria Ford (VT/AIG) 623-977-8888| 866-391-1171

Dan Kerinuk, Rikess Group

I have worked with Gary Dirstine, ACT Solutions, for quite some time now and have only found him to be an honest business partner with the best interest of the client always at the forefront of his dealings.

Gary’s organization is highly skilled at helping dealers produce significant incremental sales.  I have seen many of my clients increase sales dramatically and profitably.

ACT has gathered skill sets, knowledge and information that are not typically available to the general dealer body and certainly not as complete and diverse.  These tools are effectively presented to the dealer’s team in an actionable manner that improves the performance of those persons ability to structure, select a lender and get the loans bought by the lenders, all the while retaining significant gross profit dollars.  The classroom and hands on live interaction with quality ongoing support allow the dealer’s team to become proficient and successful at increasing the number of units sold and maintaining strong financial services and vehicle profitability.

A specific tool developed by ACT that captures even more unit sales is the “Risk to Roll” tool.  This tool alone is worth engaging ACT.  Risk to Roll predicts with uncanny accuracy the likelihood that the “deal” will be approved at the terms listed.  Risk to Roll gives the managers the confidence to deliver a vehicle rather releasing the guest while awaiting approval.  The result, more units sold more profitably.

If you have any questions I might help with please don’t hesitate to call!

Dan Kerinuk Jr.

Senior Partner (323) 463-2373 office| (239) 851-8133 (cell)