Industry Overview/Competitive Edge

The automotive industry has limited resources available to provide auto dealers high-level consumer credit bureau and subprime lender program knowledge. Most dealers feel their staff has an understanding of consumer credit because they capture some of this business. The reality of having never been through an advanced credit and lending training class or workshop is that you don’t know what you are missing without knowledge and tracking of Subprime Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). The result is missed or mishandled subprime opportunities, daily!

Conventional sales models can further impede subprime sales, if not eliminating a dealership’s ability to execute subprime sales with a slow and frustrating sales transaction time.

I created Autocredit101 to educate auto industry professionals in Subprime Consumer Credit bureau knowledge, Lender programs & “Subprime Business Best Practices”

As our industry continues to evolve, so does the increasing challenges of a dealership’s abilities to not only capture sales of subprime consumers but to maximize the buying experience.


Autocredit101 Credit bureau and lender training has typically increased sales volume while providing an average lift of $150-$250 in (PVR over the last 10 years) all while reducing the total transaction for the subprime buyer. It’s a Win-Win that produces customer loyalty with faster return sales.

Intelligent Marketing Campaigns

(ACTS) has aligned itself with a premiere group of subprime/special finance advertising companies who provide intelligent marketing campaigns. These types of campaigns are designed around each dealership’s respective customer base or demographic. Specific lending criteria filters produce the optimal customer base that corresponds to each dealer’s available lender programs. (ACTS) only suggests companies who are extremely well versed on specific subprime/special finance advertising and who consistently produce strong results

Lender Consultation and Evaluation

(ACTS) has an extremely well respected reputation in the industry with lenders, both on a national, regional or even state level. The consultation is designed to create a diverse group of lender programs through the addition of needed programs that would offer more financing options to the retail consumer and our dealer clients. We typically see a lift in volume and finance (PVR) partially due to the addition of new and unique lender programs.