Dealer Services


(ACTS) dealer trDirstine_117ainer and consultant Gary Dirstine will customize a variety of sessions based on what the dealer is looking for. The focus is sub-prime and can involve Sales Management, F&I Management, Sales staff, Billing or Office Management. (ACTS) offers standard sessions as outlined below, but will create a specific session as requested by the dealer client. The Sub-prime Management Training Session is the introductory or foundation session and should always be the first session presented to dealer managers. This session creates immediate lift in volume and (PVR) and involves several areas that will increase a dealer’s retail sub-prime business. A description of a few of our most requested sessions are as follows;

Sub-prime Management Training:

This is considered our foundation session and is directed or presented to all sales management members including; Sales Managers, Assistant Sales Managers, F&I Managers and Directors, Senior Sales Associates and Billing or Office Managers. The session runs over the course of (4) days. Dealer attendee(s) are divided into (2) groups for this training. This allows the dealership to train half the staff while the other half handles the daily business and operations at the dealership. Sessions are presented in alternating days to complete each session with (2) full day sessions and (1) day of half day sessions. The fourth day is provided to apply the material learned to live situations while working on-site at the dealership with the attendees. The material in this session includes;

  • Sub-prime dealer market analysis
  • Dealer lender group evaluation and consultation
  • Increasing your Sub-prime numbers
  • An industry leading advanced credit bureau training with all (3) credit bureaus
  • Use of US Copyright (ACTS) Profile and Lender Guide
  • (ACTS) conceptual approach to an interview
  • Switching a customer’s vehicle selection without losing an opportunity
  • Intelligent marketing campaigns (a featured presenter)
  • Lender programs and guidelines (multiple lender presenters)
  • Deal structure and advance (maximizing every opportunity)
  • Bankruptcy (discharged, dismissed, open and P.A.C.E.R.)
  • Stipulations, requirements and efficient funding

(ACTS) Implementation

The Implementation session is designed to review and refresh the foundation material and audit those results. The deal audits are a very important tool in measuring the success or identifying problems in execution of all Sub-prime business. An efficient dealership in Sub-prime maximizes every deal by identifying the customer profile and lenders who provide the most advantageous structure to the customer and dealer. The audit provides us the information needed to move forward in (PVR). This session includes but is not limited to the following due to the customization nature of the session;

  • 60-90 days of Sub-prime business audited
  • Management review of the audit results and suggested session material
  • Multiple small sessions to discuss the current Sub-prime business, results and material
  • Wrap-up of additional lender programs and guidelines
  • Review of advertising campaigns and results
  • Time measurements of a Sub-prime deal

(ACTS) Sales A.I.D.

This session is designed for sales personnel with an educational focus on how to correctly handle sub-prime retail business. This session will provide your sales staff with an advanced understanding of the subprime market and how to correctly handle these customers. So many sub-prime opportunities walk into dealerships and leave without ever giving the sales manager or management a chance to make a sale because the customer was not handled correctly or told something they didn’t want or expect to hear without a proper explanation. The material within this session includes:

Advantages of executing Sub-prime business to salespeople and the dealership

  • The Sub-prime market and trends
  • Credit situations all have solutions
  • Common lender programs and advantages
  • Keywords, verbiage and material
  • Sub-prime tools, techniques and understanding
  • Applications, LexisNexis how to validate information
  • Importance of an interview
  • Pace of the transaction, time to delivery

(ACTS) Department by Design

This is a ground up construction of a Sub-prime or Special Finance Department which includes the foundation session Sub-prime Management Training and the (ACTS) Implementation session as well as the hiring and specific training of the department staff. This program is spread over (120) day period of weeklong work sprints. The program provides for interviews of prospective candidates from the dealership or outside source candidates. Every detail is covered to start and maintain an efficient and extremely effective Sub-prime/Special Finance Department.