(ACTS) Remote Sub-prime Management 2014

(ACTS) Remote Sub-prime Management (RSM) Services

Coming in 2014


(ACTS) has consistently received requests to provide a low cost service to oversee and manage sub-prime department business, deal flow, available lender programs and Per-Vehicle-Retail (PVR) profits.

Starting in 2014, this service will be available to a limited group of dealer clients who have completed the (ACTS) Sub-prime Management Training sessions or participate in the (RSM) training program.

(RSM) Management Services;

Remote Sub-prime Management (RSM) services include a weekly review of all dealership Sub-prime business and deal flow. Timely deal flow is critical in effective department management so all deals will be logged and emailed to (ACTS) on a Lead Status Report every Monday and Thursday evenings. Deals will be reviewed as to lender submission and status as well as deal structure and (PVR). Effective management will maintain higher (PVR) based on customer credit profiles rather than easy short calls to favorite or relationship lenders. This one aspect of our (RSM) service will generate thousands of dollars monthly in missed (PVR) profits.

In addition the (RSM) service provides our dealer clients with continual monitoring of the leading auto industry lender and lead source programs. This assures our (RSM) clients of utilization of the best and most profitable programs available in the industry.

(RSM) will communicate all departmental observations and individual deal suggestions with the dealership sub-prime department head or contact. A weekly recap is also emailed to the dealership Owner, Managing Partner or General Manager, as the dealer specifies at time of the (RSM) services agreement.

(RSM) requires a lender submission conduit (Route One or Dealertrack) and a customer credit bureau provider login to execute individual subprime deal management.

(RSM) will assist in lender rehash only when directly instructed by dealership management. (RSM) managers immediately bring many years of experience in dealer/lender relations and the know-how to secure advantageous financing for your dealership sub-prime department and customers.

(RSM) Dealer Cost;

The (RSM) services are billed at a monthly rate of $695. (RSM) services are month-to-month with no long term contracts. To be eligible for (RSM) services a dealer must have completed the (ACTS) Sub-prime Management Training or the (RSM) Training Program prior to services. Any dealer who has completed the (ACTS) Management Training can request (RSM) services via email or phone request. Once the monthly fee has been received the (RSM) services will be initiated.

To request this service or to answer any questions regarding this service or any of the (ACTS) training and consulting programs please contact;

Gary Dirstine at gdirstine@autocredit101.com

623.203.6067 (cell)

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