Gary Dirstine-BIO

2013 Las Vegas Industry Summit

2013 Las Vegas Industry Summit

Gary Dirstine is a nationally recognized industry leading auto dealer trainer regarding subprime retail credit business. As Founder of Auto Credit Training Solutions, LLC (ACTS) and Dealer Client Consultant, Gary provides extremely advanced, in-depth training to dealer clients seeking to increase their volume, per copy (PVR) and efficiency with this fastest growing retail market (Subprime).


Gary started in the automotive industry in 1975 and his vast experience, success and knowledge of the subprime credit field enables him to provide dynamic , long lasting results for his clients.

Gary has developed a unique and extremely effective conceptual approach that will provide his clients increased abilities to convert walk-in, as well as drawn in subprime credit sales and financing. Gary’s training is unique in the industry and goes further than adding a few lenders or mail campaigns. The management training provides advanced credit bureau training and understanding beyond credit score. A fact in the industry remains that most all dealership management has never received actual credit bureau training and lacks a true understanding of bureau information. Gary ties this new credit knowledge into an exclusive customer interview technique which produces a level of understanding between the customer and sales personal unmatched in the industry. The benefit to doing business this way provides more opportunities for sales due to the correct vehicle selection based on customer needs and available lender financing.

Completion of a management training session by Gary will provide you and your dealership(s) an extremely advanced understanding of subprime credit, a diverse group of lending programs, effective and intelligent marketing campaigns, a higher conversion rate of subprime credit sales with increased profits.

In continuing his efforts to provide his clients with exceptional abilities to increase subprime sales and profits, Gary is a founding member of High Performance Credit Systems, a software on-line solution which recently went into production to provide dealers another tool for efficiency in the subprime credit market. Gary is recognized by members of NADA as a leader in subprime as well as affiliate industry professionals.

Gary has enjoyed a successful career with some of the largest auto groups in the country. Past employers include Van Tuyl/AIG, Larry H. Miller Group and Penske. His proven track record in management of high volume and finance per copy departments with a unique understanding of subprime has led to (ACTS) and its training and consulting programs.

  • State Auto Dealer Association Speaker AZ, CO, TX
  • NADA Workshop Presenter 2014 New Orleans
  • Industry Summit Presenter 2013 Las Vegas
  • 20 Group Presenter
  • Recommended Subprime Trainer & Consultant The Rikess Group (TRG), National Automotive Experts (NAE), GCubed Marketing & Events, Wayne Youngs & Associates, The Gillrie Institute

Gary and Roxanne Dirstine

Gary & Roxanne Dirstine

Gary Dirstine through (ACTS) provides training within the U.S. He currently resides in Sun City West, Arizona with his wife Roxanne. Both of Gary’s children (Rich and Renee) are also in the automotive industry and enjoy successful careers. You can contact Gary through this website Contact/Get a Quote page for further information.

(ACTS), LLC-Business BIO

The conceptual design of training and staffing a subprime department as a sub-contract dealer employee was initiated by Gary Dirstine in 2005. The current (ACTS), LLC programs evolved when the company (ACTS), LLC was formed in 2009.

(ACTS), LLC has maintained 100% dealer client satisfaction with many clients requesting return management or additional layered sessions. (ACTS) maintains great relationships with (30) national subprime lender programs in additional to many state or regional lender programs as well.

Through referral and reputation (ACTS) has experienced endorsements by finance product providers, marketing and advertising firms and state dealer associations.

(ACTS), LLC offers a variety of subprime dealer services and programs ranging from management training, dealership or group consultations, sales staff training and intelligent marketing campaigns and providers.

(ACTS), LLC is registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

No. 3,954,190 Serial No. 85-113,852 Filled 8/23/2010