Auto Credit Training Solutions (ACTS), LLC

(ACTS), LLC has been providing advanced consumer credit bureau and lender program training since 2009. The continual evolution of the auto industry, retail market compression and rising lender acquisition fees present many dealerships with a void in their ability to capture large portions of their respective Sub-prime Credit Market. ACTS Subprime Management Training (Autocredit101) will immediately impact sales volume while providing lift to current (PVR). Our clients have realized an average increase of 10%-15% of their respective Used Car volume numbers while increasing overall unit profitability $150-$250 (PVR) over the past (10+) years with Autocredit101 Subprime Consumer Credit & Lender Management Training!

A Successful Professional Auto Industry Resume since 1975

Gary Dirstine and his diverse auto industry experience provides for an extremely advanced, in depth Consumer Credit and Lending program training. Autocredit101 provides the Highest Level of Credit Bureau Training within the auto industry and has been a featured workshop and presentation at the NADA Convention, Industry Summit and numerous (20) Group Meetings nationally. Custom training for each dealer and  credit region. Additional presenters include: current lenders and proven lead source or advertising professionals.

Training Sessions

Training sessions are most effective when including all management positions; Sales Managers and Directors, GSM’s, Assistant Managers along with any senior or potential management sales personnel.  We provide you and your dealership staff the optimal training sessions and content relevant to your brand and market, creating greater overall Competitive Edge with increased Market-Share.