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(ACTS), LLC was formed in 2009 with a purpose of supplying Auto Dealers a unique and highly advanced training program to capture a broader spectrum of consumer credit customer business. Due to the continual evolution of the auto industry and the ever changing landscape of any respective subprime market, many dealerships miss a large portion of business because of a void in many or specific areas relating to consumer credit and situational lending. Regardless of experience or productivity the (ACTS) Subprime Management Training (Autocredit101) sessions will immediately impact sales volume and gross without hiring additional specialized staff to support it.

A Successful Professional Auto Industry Resume since 1975

Gary Dirstine is founder of Dirstine_159(ACTS), LLC. His diverse experience provides an extremely advanced, in depth Consumer Credit and Lending content training. Autocredit101 provides the Highest Level of Credit Bureau Training within the auto industry and has been a featured workshop and presentation at the NADA Convention, Industry Summit and numerous (20) Group Meetings nationally. Each attendee will receive their training which is customized for each dealer and their respective lender and credit region. Additional presenters include: current lenders, and proven lead source providers.

Training seminars

Training sessions are most effective when including all management positions; Sales Managers and Directors, GSM’s, Assistant Managers along with any senior or potential management sales personnel.  We look to provide you and your dealership staff the optimal training session and content, relevant to your brand and market, creating greater overall Market-Share. Scheduling is completed on a group by group basis and can take up to a few weeks to schedule.